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Further down the page you can see all the other Kazakhstan cams arranged according to current viewership.Meaning that the hottest, most popular Kazakhstan rooms are generally at the top of the list.Her arms and legs are chained to the kennel and her hair hangs down around her face, hiding it from view. His face is covered by a black mask and he is vigorously masturbating. Ends: pm [12 mins] – starts pm Client requests that I strip naked. I start to but then stop when I see the video-feed.After a moment, the girl begins to scream, “Oh, god! ” I quickly end the session and just sit there for a while afterwards, staring at my own dumbfounded expression in the video-chat program open on my computer screen. His video-feed displays a shot of a poorly-lit bedroom. I write this log and forward it to Donna along with the one from last Wednesday. It’s of a woman working out on one of those at-home elliptical machines.I started skimming through the earliest log and it quickly became obvious that Enid was no air-traffic controller. Client occasionally asks me to “thank daddy” and each time I say “thank you, daddy” to which he responds “good girl.” Ends: am [9 mins] That’s right, Enid was a cam-girl: a woman who live-streamed herself acting out various requests from what was usually a lobby full of horny onlookers. Plus, the requests were often far from what I personally found erotic, so it’s safe to say it wasn’t “like that.” I’ll be honest.

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updating arxiv papers

So, before this gets any more awkward, let me just reiterate: Not a monster.

If my girlfriend’s condo complex hadn’t been so upscale, that fact wouldn’t have bothered me so much.

But I had to wonder what someone who could afford over a grand a month on rent was doing using a computer from ’05 in 2014. Ends: am [4 mins] Starts: am Client requests that I kneel on the bed and expose my butthole to the camera. I’ve never considered myself a particularly perverse guy but there was this surreal quality to the dry tone of Enid’s logs that fascinated me.

The “logs” folder contained over a dozen Word documents.

The name of each document was a month followed by a year, starting on “February, 2012” and ending with “January, 2014.” The computer itself was from the mid-2000s at the latest.

It entered the Top 15 most beautiful girls in the world out of 122 representatives. Madina Saibulatova (1988) - II runner-up "Fashion model of the world" in the contest Miss All Nations-2015.