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The Guardian describes the process as follows: "The inaugural speech has shuttled between them [Obama and Favreau] four or five times, following an initial hour-long meeting in which the President-elect spoke about his vision for the address, and Favreau took notes on his computer.

Favreau then went away and spent weeks on research.

Following Kerry's defeat, Favreau became dispirited with politics, and was uncertain if he would do such work again.

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When ready, he took up residence in a Starbucks in Washington and wrote the first draft." In regard to his post-political future, he said, "Maybe I'll write a screenplay, or maybe a fiction book based loosely on what all of this was like.

He described this theory to Obama as, "A speech can broaden the circle of people who care about this stuff.

How do you say to the average person that's been hurting: 'I hear you, I'm there?

Gerson also admires Favreau's work, and sought him out at an Obama New Hampshire campaign rally to speak with the younger speechwriter.

He was the primary writer of Obama's inauguration address of January 2009.In 2002, he became head of an initiative to help unemployed individuals improve their résumés and interview skills.