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And if you catch a BIG predatory fish from a river or a lake, it's a really good indicator that that whole ecosystem is healthy. And at one point, I was lifting up the tail of a crocodile under the water.

If you find any big predators - it might because they've all been fished out, but it might be a symptom of something else.

It might be that the water is polluted, or it doesn't support life, it could be the whole cycle of water level is out of whack...

the reason this is important is because water is very important to human beings. And not having enough water, or polluted water, is bad news for us. There's also a place I want to fish near where I live, where they've got brown trout there - they're not very big, but it's a very overgrown river, and you have to crawl through the bushes to get to the river, and you catch these fish right under your feet with very light gear. That's what I want to do, if I have time this year.

There also may be local groups which run programs like this they can point you towards. I'm not a great fly-fisherman, I'm not a very experienced one, but I've got into that a bit recently, and fly fishermen can use some very strange things to incorporate into their flies. Ehm - I think I even used once the hair of a collie dog, some black hair from a collie dog. They say it could be because women are secreting, just from their skin, some kind of hormone that is attractive to the fish.

In my state there are great programs to get more youth involved in fishing run by the game and parks department, and also some great non-profit organizations that work alongside them to hold outings and clinics. My personal theory is that they are probably fishing better than the men, and the men have to make up some kind of excuse to justify their lack of results. But one place I have liked a lot is Guyana - that's right on the northern edge of South America.

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And the person behind it is none other than Discovery’s own Jeremy Wade. The first episode of the season is in Ontario, Canada, and we're mutually intelligible, more or less. We stay in a cheap hotel and they speak the same language, more or less, as us.And the reason I say that is because these local monsters - they are mostly apex predators. There was one scary experience this year - I wasn't actually fishing, I was going under-water, in Botswana, to look at Tiger Fish, and there are these big crocodiles under the water.

They are the creatures at the pinnacle of the food pyramid. Normally, if they're crocodiles in the water, you shouldn't be in there with them, but it is possible - if you know what you're doing, and the programme explains this - you can get very close to crocodiles in the water, and it won't end badly. You'll find out how we did that in the programme.It's quite a small country, but the fish populations are fairly healthy compared to the rest of South America.