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27-Apr-2020 06:16

And while there are plenty of experts out there offering all sorts of advice – from this non-negotiable first date question to how to spot red flags – one pro suggests that you should talk about something that might make some people uncomfortable. Is it a good idea to talk about your exes on a first date? Relationship expert, James Preece, claims that warning bells shouldn’t start ringing if your date tells you about their previous relationships.

Speaking to the Madeleine Mason added: ‘There is no harm in swapping stories and if the relationships have been significant; the experiences from there can be valuable in getting to know someone.’ However, one thing to watch out for is your date’s reaction to your tales of lovers past.

Nobody is perfect and as long as we are happy then nothing else really matters. Dress to impress Always dress like the person you'd like to be, rather than the person you are.

You never know who is watching or who'll meet, so wear clothes that make you look good all the time.

If you get R-bombed, stop chasing and don’t contact them again.” To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter!

WITH Valentine’s Day just around the corner, singletons are looking for quick ways to find ' The One'.

You’ll be confused and wonder why they aren’t responding.Talk and flirt with people at the bus stop, in the supermarket queue and on your walk to work.If you can make someone smile you never know where the conversation might lead.You could try mirroring their body language too, but don't go overboard. Smell nice According to recent studies, the scent of liquorice is the most likely to get a woman turned on.

For women, wear a vanilla-scented perfume as it's a natural aphrodisiac for men. Flirt with everyone Take a leaf out of Bridget Jones' book and flirt with everyone.“It’s just not healthy to torture yourself by constantly checking out what someone else is up to,” he said.