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It also curdles the milk a bit, which makes it slightly thicker.Although butter is the traditional way to make cornbread, I’ve always used oil.

This chemical imbalance in my brain just might be starting to balance itself out… I’ve come to terms with being clinically depressed and anxiety prone and I am a lot more open about it- which helps a lot.It was something to look forward to- seeing his face, being able to see him in person and to just have that face to face connection again.I know the endorphins are running but I still have my moments: I first arrived and I basically had a melt down again.)I recently realized that I’ve never had pimentos in anything other than pimento cheese and olives.

What better way to pay tribute to my favorite Southern fare than by combining two of my great loves: pimento cheese (minus the cheese) and jalapeño cornbread. This cornbread is made with medium ground cornmeal, making it a touch healthier than its classic counterpart, because it retains some of the hull that fine ground cornmeal loses.Jalapeños and pimentos are the stars of the show in my twist on this classic comfort food dish. Let me be honest from the beginning: I love pimento cheese. I rarely eat it because A) it’s not the healthiest choice and B) I’m trying to cut down on my dairy consumption.

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