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I think you know your own child, and when it turned out not to be her child, it was so devastating, especially when he was taken away from her, that she really had to question why she felt that connection.But that's what makes Brenda such a cool character to play.TV Guide Magazine: That would certainly explain a lot... You can't count on her, so I never wanted her to have a child.Marcil Giovinazzo: In her final scene she could pull off her skin to reveal the truth! TV Guide Magazine: It didn't make sense that Brenda instantly connected with Lucian, and then it turned out he wasn't her kid after all.Right now I'm really on fire creating my animated children's show, and my organic product line, and the line of clothes I've been developing for seven years. On behalf of myself and every other soap reporter, I'd like to say thanks.I just got on Twitter because my best friend Jillian Michaels has been screaming at me to do it so I can tell everybody what's going on with all these projects. We've had to type Vanessa Marcil so damn many times we all have carpal tunnel syndrome! Carmine is Italian and he gets all upset if I don't use his last name. It happened awful quickly and I'm really sad about leaving, really depressed, really emotional, but this was always supposed to last just one year.How have you felt about what's been done with — and to — the character? Marcil Giovinazzo: When things go really well, I don't take credit, and when things don't go well, I don't take credit. I work really hard, come home, hang out with my family. I don't really know what you learn from success, to be honest, but I think you learn a whole lot from failure.

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This is a girl who overcompensates just to feel normal, to feel she's a part of the world.And the only person she doesn't have to do that with is Sonny.