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Just walking, being, looking across New York's dusk lit streets, the theater signs and bustling traffic, felt different. It felt numb seeing her sitting there, waiting for him like a lover, to come home.An elegant brunette she stood up from the foyer couch, and walked over to her son.The Elizabeth Arden fragrance that he had come to know since childhood, accentuated whenever she'd come in from out of the rain.His mother's transient smell that formed his need for maternal love from women, and her, before all others.This kinda thing –callously destroying a mom in court—putting a family on the street, doesn't gel well with the stage coach image of frontiersmen riding into the sunset. Despite the impartial barrier of the court, it didn't stop the injustice of the moment seeping into her, the Judge. But to fully appreciate the irony of the moment, you need to know what they put on the wall over the Judge's chair: IN GOD WE TRUST Yes. It summarized the surreal nature of her courtroom, when you know it's all a foregone conclusion. Rick looked back in the Hendry family's direction, relieved she was no longer looking his way. Her ruling, denying the homeowner's appeal, a de facto signing of Allison's elderly dad, Callum's death warrant, wouldn't mesh well if she had to actually annihilate them in a U. And this notification set up a potential explosive repeat, in Rick's apartment.

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The only telling signs of her age, were her hands, and the bluish veins through her soft creased white skin.All he could feel was cold and numb, bursting to break free. Lying awake, naked, pressed skin in his mom's arms after the act.Of staring vacantly at the Steinbeck poster of Lennie above his bed, a present from her, as he nuzzled into his mom's hair and felt the rhythmic pulsation of her sleeping breaths. say a word..." read the poster's writing on his bedroom wall. His anguish staring at Rick, and his naked, sleeping mom in their dirty sheets, capturing the soulful spirituality of their first-blood incest.Warning: This story graphically depicts an incident of incest between a 48 year-old mom and her 31 -year-old son. He quickly looked away, and felt her stare linger and burning his portrait. Turning quickly to face the judge, Rick could not look Allison in the eye. In Allison's case, to turn a 0,000 mortgage due in 30 years, to a 0,000 loan due in 18 months. The jailable offense they'd committed, for which he knew he could lose his bar license, and the good fortune he'd accrued working for Bells Targo, if ever something like this became known to the police.

Her sorrowful, confronting blue eyes found Rick, across the court room, and penetrated. Whose contracts they'd fraudulently backdated, and whose signatures they'd wilfully forged. He'd left for court, while she was still asleep and had eschewed any chance he may have had to engage his mother about what they'd done.

--- Staring into the mid distance, Rick recovered from his loss of concentration, tilted his head back, and looked sideways across at Myers's clients in open court.

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