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29-Apr-2020 12:48

#4 Tell him all the things you want him to do to you.Lean in really close and whisper in his ear exactly what you want him to do to you in the bedroom.Regardless, it can put a damper on your mood—especially if you were looking forward to spending some intimate time with him.It can even upset you to the point that you think maybe he doesn’t want to sleep with you—although that’s usually not the reason at all.Ways to arouse your man even if he isn’t in the mood If you’re all ready to go and want him to help you out, there are a few things you can do that will make him immediately forget why he wasn’t in the mood, and his attention will be 100% on you.Slip on something sexy and get ready for these 12 ways to arouse your man even if he isn’t in the mood!Get him naked, slather him up with oils, and in no time I’m sure he’ll be ready to go. And with your hands slowly working their way down his body, there’s no way he can resist. Earn some bonus points by making his dinner and pouring him a drink WHILE wearing lingerie.

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When your man isn’t in the mood, it can be because he’s just stressed out!

This is a fairly rare phenomenon in my world—but it does happen every now and then, and can be extremely frustrating if you’re looking for a good time.

Occasionally, your man just won’t be in the mood to get frisky.

Help him relax a little bit by pouring him a drink, making him some dinner, and even putting on his favorite show.

Ask him if there’s anything he would like right then and do it for him.

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