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06-Jun-2020 20:26

As early as one thousand years before Christ, people who would eventually be known as Hindus viewed the Ganges as a birthplace of the divine.It’s believed to be a crack in our physical world where the supernatural can slip through and immerse us mortals in its wonders.NEW DELHI: As many as 91% Hindus have a close friend from among their own community but only 33% Hindus count a Muslim as a close friend.While 74% Muslims have a close friend among Hindus, 95% of of them have a close friend within the community.

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Despite the varied opinions, the cornerstone of most Hindu beliefs about the Ganges River is that because of its divine origin, it offers divine opportunity.Others believed it sprang from and still flows out of the god Shiva’s luminous locks.Many art forms of Shiva depict a shoot of water off the top of his head. ” If you’re within a reasonable distance of the Ganges River in India, that question probably isn’t intended to satisfy a parched tongue.

Instead, the cloudy water inside the bottle is believed to provide far more than hydration—healing, blessing, even salvation.This conviction, tightly held by millions of Hindus across the Indian subcontinent, propels people to not only pay a good sum for such a bottle but travel hundreds of miles for an encounter with “Mother Ganga.” The Ganges River begins in the Himalayan mountain range in northeast India, near the border of China.