Highs and lows of dating

21-Nov-2019 23:59

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ears ago, getting involved in a relationship with someone you met online was a bit of a taboo.

Steroids / Growth - Is DP honest enough to admit he does it? Perception - Does DP worry they are not big enough? Attractiveness - Do others assume DP is fair game to be touched / felt up? I've probably missed a few topics but general chat is welcome to highlight this.

Please no BB bashing, I know its not for everyone This thread is for those in or thinking of having a relationship with a BB. Fluffy yes, I have previously dated BB men and my current DP of 2 yrs is a bodybuilder.

Asking why someone has posted something is not trolling, nor is it a personal attack.Not only was it supposedly for weirdos, but it was also seen as a bit dangerous, since you couldn’t tell who was on the other end.These days, however, online dating is not just mainstream; it’s almost expected.None of my friends date BBs but always have lots of questions.

I think that having a relationship with a BB can throw up some things you may not find in a typical relationship.

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