Hh liquidating corp

05-Jul-2020 15:33

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The court followed the rulings of other bankruptcy courts, upholding debtor’s right to control the privilege unless the debtor was insolvent at the time of the privileged communication.[15] Similar to the criminal courts’ assertion of “innocent until proven guilty,” the standard in bankruptcy cases involving the attorney-client privilege seems to be “solvent until proven insolvent,” leaving the burden of proof on the committee.Since the attorney-client privilege has been enjoyed by any who enter the legal system since the foundation of law, it is important to ensure debtors enjoy the same privilege as anyone else.However, as with most legal standards, exceptions do arise.Delivery Agent also provided in-house services that include website operations, product design, development, merchandising, order fulfillment, and customer service.

Through the promotional marketing business (also known as "Clean Fun"), the Debtors enabled major entertainment, media, and consumer brands to address their business and marketing needs.

Through the e-commerce business, the Debtors provided a proprietary ecommerce technology platform to its partners through exclusive multi-year agreements that typically included revenue sharing provisions.

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