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23-Jul-2020 05:10

And in each each row, there will be a single column which will be used to modify the selected row.It will have a single button in read only mode which is "Edit", And when I click on Edit, the row will change into Edit mode.Since you are not using the datasource controls(which is a good thing), the Old Values and New Values collections will not be populated automatically. So, here is some sample code that I use, and maybe it will help you: This goes in your Row Updating event Dim cell As Data Control Field Cell = Nothing 'This type will change if you are using Bound Fields 'The collection(s) have to be populated for EACH cell. This is my current attempt that returns the error ' Object reference not set to an instance of an object'. or if I pick resale only items that can be sold show up. So i post it one more time, becuase it's really urgent. my asp:gridview control and sqldatasource control are pasted: Data Controls insert rows into gridview then insert rows from gridview into SQL Table Hello there, I'm still new at performing miracles with code .I presume its related to correctly targeting the Drop Down List in question? And i have read a lot from MSDN, and i followed exactly like what it says, but i still can't edit the rows.... Currently I am having trouble with my latest coding adventure I have a web application which records jobs and labour assigned to jobs.

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In "Item Template", it will contain a single button which will trigger Grid View EDIT command and in "Edi Item Template", it will contain three buttons which will trigger Grid View UPDATE, DELETE and CANCEL commands. In here Grid View Edit Event Args will give the row number I am editing by it's New Edit Index property.

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