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23-Oct-2019 20:36

Will she maintain her platonic feelings for him, or will she fall in love?

And can she keep herself from accidentally transforming, or using her powers in front of him?

Elena has lived among humans for centuries, and lovers have come and gone.

Now that she's adapted to the newest century, she faces a major problem...she's befriended the lead singer of the famous band, Gorillaz, and she isn't sure how long she will be able to only see him as a friend, or how long she can hide what she truly is from him.

He learns what it is like to not be alone, and then is forced to deal with that aloneness when he brings it on himself.

I love feedback, so you're more than welcome to leave comments on what you think I could do to improve, or just to tell me you enjoy it.

Little does he know, thats not the only thing that needs saving.

Entries for 2nu Week 2019: Day 1: Summer Picnic - Sometimes nothing is nicer than feeling the cool summer breeze with a loved one on a soft blanket.

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Day 3: Leisurely Vacation - A vacation is always a must for summer.PTSD varies from person to person based on their experiences; I will depict the violent/angry side that I'm unable to explore in real life.

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They met when cast in a touring production of The Seagull in early 1995 and began living together shortly afterwards.… continue reading »

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