Geologic dating decay constant table

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The river spills onto its flood plain and a thin layer of sediment is deposited.The next flood to occur in the area will deposit a younger flood plain deposit on top of the older. The principle of original horizontality states that sedimentary strata were deposited in nearly horizontal layers.Vegetation acts to reduce the effectiveness of these agents of erosion and one would predict that these agents may have been more effective prior to 400 million years ago.Putting events in their proper order is a common occurrence.History records numerous attempts to determine the age of the Earth.Archbishop Usher of Ireland in 1664 argued that the Earth was "born" on October 26, 4004 BC at AM in the morning.This is supported by the fact that the Earth is a dynamic planet and that the processes introduced in the section on Plate Tectonics have resulted in a recycling of crustal rocks.

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Beta decay - an electron is emitted from a neutron in the nucleus changing the neutron to a proton.

Today, most geoscientists believe that the Earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

It is important to note that the oldest continental crust is approximately 4.0 b.y.

and, in general, the volume of rock varies inversely with the age of the rock.

That is, with increasing age, the amount of rock of that age decreases.

If what had been nearly flay lying layers are observed to be folded in a complex fashion, the folding must have followed the deposition of the layers.