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For reference, 200 year cycle, 100 year offset, 100C temp variance, -20C temp offset.

The goal here is for the cycle to start at the beginning of a 50 year period of cooling, but also is just naturally 20 degrees colder than normal.

This gives the number of orders for each day that had any orders.

But it doesn't give a zero for the days on which there were no orders. ORDERS table for these days, so nothing to sum or count.

Another popular dating app that has surfaced is Coffee Meets Bagel, which requires users to fill more information and then the app matches the users with people who have similar interests, height, religion, among others.

What makes Coffee Meets Bagel different is that women get to see who are interested in them and approach as they may.

select gendate, nvl(ordercount,0) from ( select trunc(order_date) as orderdate, count(*) as ordercount from oe.orders where order_date between date '2007-06-01' and date '2007-06-30' group by trunc(order_date) ) jun_orders, ( select date '2007-06-01' level -1 as gendate from dual connect by date '2007-06-01' level -1 This resultset has the required total of 0 for each day in June that didn't have any orders.

In the following query, we use CONNECT BY to generate one row for each day in June 2007, then outer join that to the previous OE query.

Default 20.- Temperature offset: Lets you modify the default yearly temperature.

Negative values make the whole cycle colder, positive ones make it warmer.

It also makes for an easy test, since the temperature offset would put it much colder than it should be.

In our last few posts, we looked at solving Fizz Buzz in SQL using a row generator, and the performance of several row generators.

Default 0.- X-coefficient: a modifier which lets you set runaway warming or cooling.

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