Gay dating ad banned from super bowl

30-Aug-2020 17:13

Super Bowl Sunday should be a time for us to put aside our political differences and let our country only be divided by one simple issue: Saints or Colts. The network announced a few weeks ago that it would reverse its earlier policy and allow advocacy ads to air during the game, starting with Heisman-winning Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow’s ad for the Christian pro-life group Focus on the Family.

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Here’s the scoop from Chicago Breaking Sports: Gay-dating site claims CBS has rejected its proposed Super Bowl commercial because it features two men making out on a couch.In the commercial, two men end up kissing and the network wasn’t going for that. Click Here to Watch the Video The commercial is a bit over the top but homosexuals are apart of this society that we live in.That raised the question of, if CBS is willing to air Tim Tebow’s pro-life spot, why not a commercial for a same-sex dating site? One unnamed television source told Rovell the site wouldn’t pass the mandatory credit check.

Then I saw the video and realized what we Bears fans have suspected for years – that Packers and Viking fans are GAY.

The real problem with CBS rejecting the Man Crunch and Go Daddy ads is the prevalence of anti-gay humor that naturally flows through the testosterone-fest like Bud Light.