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lets go if you are ennough brave to face these questionim inviting you to have respectful and friendly discussion about the questions that we all ask , but fiew have the ability to face .

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Tip Anonymously: Sending your tip anonymously will hide your identity from other users in the chat room but the performer will still know that you sent the tip.Come and enjoy the best of what Weird Town has to offer at Spitzburg House of Hip-Hop. Signed: Chisomo "wiseman" Spitzburger - The Mayor of Weird Town This is a chat room for the elite chatters, only the truly magnificent can log in, but we also are nice to stalkers who are friendly, drop on by. please invite other original weirdtowners.miss your friendly chat..!! I mean i was sitting on the computer one day and i was bored so i found this green blob, and now some weird guy that goes by the name of bravensuck3322 told me to go here.....creepy..inviting you to have respectful and friendly chat in order to search the truth to gather , all of us want to know who created us ? OSHUN, KIMBOLOVE, LUCKYLUCIE, AMYLYNN20, RIOTGIRL, MAJEZZTY, CLASSACT77, BEAUTIFULXMIND, JABALI, PEACEPENDENCE, VOODOO868, ENTAHIMAR, MONKEYF, BLACKCELT, COUNTRY, PLASTIKDOLL, THELALA, HONEYDIP232, MISSANTHROPY, MEINE, BOUTYE, ZEN, BOUVET, OTH44, ANICAKOS, PEACHYMELONS, NATURE, MISSDEMEANOR, ICEMAN, CORC, BADASSGIRL, MOURNINGTREE, SILLYG, INFRARED, NATUREANGEL, GERMANFACE, SKOOKUMMYfor anyone to air their frustration with their spouse. however be constructive in critisizing, and learn to contribute positive /practical advice to fellow-frusts tht can be helpful n hunny if u have some time.. KISSoriginal friends from the early days of wt...before the cloners and haters came along...members must have been chatting in wt for about 2yrs ..

you can add me up in yahoo messenger denise_hanson9 at yahoo or in msn denise_hanson9 at ...

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