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However, biogenic reefs develop under a much wider array of conditions that constrain mineralization and other core ecosystem processes typical of tropical coral reefs (for example, grazing by metazoans) ().

The main controls over reef ecosystems interact and vary in a wide range of spatial and temporal scales.

The only noteworthy exceptions to such knowledge gap about the outer shelf is a brief description of reef fishes associated with sponge bottoms ().

This relatively shallow (5 to 25 m deep) and hyposaline layer is driven by seasonal winds and currents, flowing northward into the Caribbean and retroflecting eastward during September and October.

The ubiquity of large sponges and other filter feeders, as well as the increase of chemoautotrophic and anaerobic microbial metabolisms recorded in the subplume, provides insights about ecosystem-level responses to the globally accelerating conditions that select against photosymbiotic biocalcifiers (for example, scleractinian corals)., spanning from 5°N to 1°S and 44° to 51°W, was recorded between the Brazil–French Guiana border and Maranhão State, Brazil (Fig. Rhodolith beds and higher-relief structures were recorded across a relatively long (~1000 km) and narrow (~50 km) stretch in the outer shelf and upper slope, in depths ranging from 30 m to the shelf break at 90 to 120 m.

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The Amazon River mouth represents the distribution boundary for several sponges, scleractinian corals, and shallow water fishes, among other groups of coastal and reef-associated organisms, as a consequence of the massive oceanographic discontinuities that it imprints in the West Atlantic continental margin ().

Significant carbonate sedimentation occurred during lowstand sea level, and still occurs in the outer shelf, resulting in complex hard-bottom topography.

A permanent near-bottom wedge of ocean water, together with the seasonal nature of the plume’s eastward retroflection, conditions the existence of this extensive (~9500 km) hard-bottom mosaic.

The core and surface of a ~70 × 40–cm block collected in this sector presented 2σ radiocarbon calibrated ages of 4487 to 48 to 4562 years BP, respectively.

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Microfacies is typical of boundstone and is mainly composed of crustose coralline algae and bryozoans (Fig. The surface of this block presented small and sparse patches of living coralline algae.The massive sedimentation and sediment reworking in the inner and mid shelves have been comprehensively surveyed in the last decades, including the core river-ocean biogeochemical processes () have received much less attention.

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