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More Australia's Teskey Brothers fine-tune their soulful pop for their sophomore album, Run Home Slow .

The group blends gritty lead vocals with smooth harmonies and hints of funk and gospel in their arrangements, making use of a strong horn section.

More A 50th anniversary celebration of the Ann Arbor Blues Festival of 1969 – the first American all-blues festival - this new live recording is a double album of incredible performances, originally captured by student promoters of the event on a Norelco tape recorder.

“Plume” is an uplifting, melodic treat, while “About You” is slinky with guest vocals from L. More Seratones' new album, Power , is a blast of high-energy roots-rock and doo wop-inflected pop with impeccable, soulful lead vocals and genre-blurring arrangements.Elsewhere, the band is in traditional form, with chugga chugga guitars over computer-precise double bass thumping, clean vocals contrasted with guttural growls, and desperate, cathartic choruses adding plenty of drama to the proceedings.All these years later and the Killswitch Engage sound remains as solid as ever.“You've Got Other Girls For That” builds on a melancholy melody and layers of expressive guitars, and “A Golden Year” has lovely bursts of la-la's in its plaintive verses that call to mind The Shins in an otherwise haunting folk song.

“Terlingua Girl” is swooping and sweet with a quirky outro that brings in distorted guitar for an unexpectedly darker ending.

Lead singer/drummer Julien Ehrlich and lead guitarist Max Kakacek shared equal lyrical and compositional duties, creating these soulful AM gold numbers over the course of several sessions with producers Bradley Cook (Hiss Golden Messenger) and Jonathan Rado (Weyes Blood, Father John Misty) and with OG rhythm guitarist Ziyad Asrar.