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04-May-2020 17:35

Jokes and quotes If you are not for reading have fun in the section jokes, if you are looking for wisdom of ancient or recent thinkers, section quotes is for you.

Blog posts, as well as the confessional are interesting for their content.

(This is how we get pickier as we age—pattern-recognition, the erosion of goodwill.) Might as well scare off the weak ones.

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* “I sold my car and have been getting to know the city by bike” (vegan edition) The car was sold out of fiscal necessity, the meat renounced to lend said sale a look of deliberateness. Add “waiting for a cab” to any possible date scenario; consider that sum.

Or—no need— let it stand there; you still can’t see it.) But who needs happy when you’ve got all these lemons. Goodbye, finally, to all of you who wrote perfectly nice messages—not crass, not cut-and-paste twee, not mean, (not funny), just perfectly fucking polite and decent messages that conveyed nothing so much as “I am interested in you as a human being,” which I probably ignored, possibly unfairly, my fear of being too much to someone more profound, still, than my wariness of being too little.

Likewise, disappear the fact that naming what you don’t want can’t substitute for knowing what you do. Cheerful often (Isn’t there anything else we can call this? Goodbye getting dressed, and getting dressed, and getting dressed again.

No word for this and no rush, or not much of one, or you don’t think so—after all, you’re not an idiot anymore; yet. Goodbye profiles of adorable sweet and age-appropriate men who turn out to love Jesus. Goodbye wraparound sunglasses and carefully tended abs glistening in some tropical sun.

Stories that will raise your pulse and stir your imagination are called erotic stories.

Welcome to our reviews of the dating poems (also known as how long has jehovah witnesses been in existence).

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