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Further, the shrine has two sections- the inner sanctum and the outer veranda.

The inner sanctum houses a Linga, which is venerated by many of the devotees who visit this temple. The cathedral is illustrative of the gothic architectural style.

The shrine with its exquisite marble flooring and opulent architecture, not only soothes the devout soul, but is also pleasing to the aesthetic self.

Tarakeswar Temple has a congregation centre in the porch.

The place is frequently visited by historians and enthusiasts who wish to have a peak into the British reign in India.

Here are five places to visit in Barrackpore.‘, after Mangal Pandey, the nationalist leader who rose in agitation against the Britishers.

This museum in Barrackpore is spread over five galleries, a study centre and a massive library.

It is known to be one of the foremost museums in the country, which houses information on Mahatma Gandhi.

Be engulfed in the cool mountain air in Dochula Pass, traverse through the lively city of Thimphu and learn about the historic significance of Paro with Sikkim, the picturesque land-locked state with its scenic gorges and daunting hills has been one of the favored honeymooning destinations in India.

The place particularly rose to importance, with Lord Wellesley, declaring it as the retreat spot for the British administrators working in Calcutta.

Barrackpore continues to be the retreat spot of many who seek a break from the monotony of everyday life.

The information on display, or available otherwise for issue or sale ranges from rare collections of Gandhi, rare books or articles which belonged to him or were written by the father of our nation himself.

The gallery boats of a collection of more than 800 rare photographs of the freedom fighter.The majestic architecture belongs to the British era, will take you by awe.