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Since his teens, Smith had dreamt of creating a guitar with a dragon inlay down the fingerboard.

He actualised that in 1992 with the Dragon I, a 50-piece limited edition that cost ,000!

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When a friend remarked, “you don’t charge enough,” Smith went upmarket further with the then ultimate-quality Signature, produced from 1987-91. along with the ‘doctors and dentists’ put-down, referring to the only people that could afford them.Along with the ‘too expensive’ reputation that has dogged PRS for 30years, its inability to produce a more affordable guitar in the USA (until 2014’s S2 range) has been another constant.The Classic Electric was not only PRS’s first bolt-on but a nod in the direction of a more ‘Fender’ toned guitar with an alder body and maple neck.“The PRS Mc Carty is his [Paul’s] design.” “The reason we called it the Mc Carty Model,” explained Paul Reed Smith, “is because everything Ted was teaching me is incorporated. A masterstroke for those wanting the best and who could afford to pay for it.

One of the Guitars of the Month was PRS’s first f-holed hollow-body.Theodore ‘Ted’ Mc Carty had been president of Gibson during its 1950-66 ‘golden era’, presiding over all the classic electric solidbodies and ES semis.