Dating laws in tennessee

29-Aug-2020 21:09

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Ordinarily the Complaint for Divorce is filed in the Tennessee county where the spouses last resided together. If both spouses left that county to live elsewhere in Tennessee, then the complaint may be filed in the county where the complainant-spouse (the plaintiff) currently resides. The cooling-off periods allow for reflection and introspection, at least in theory.The summons and complaint must be delivered to the other spouse according to Tennessee law. If a couple needs more time to think things over, the court may suspend the proceedings to give them time to enter into counseling.

For example, if alimony is not raised in the complaint, the responsive pleading, or at some point in the proceedings before entry of the divorce, then it should not be ordered. Grounds for divorce include allegations that a spouse has been convicted, sentenced, and confined to prison for commission of a felony crime. One alternative might be legal separation instead of an absolute divorce.

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