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21-Nov-2019 11:59

Marriage is a sacred union no more, and the recent divorce statistics are the best proof of this fact.

People are tired of each other in a year or two after marriage.

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Since learning of Sandra Bland’s passing, I have experienced the full gamut of emotions.

It took the first 24 hours for me to process that my sorority sister had actually been found hanging in a jail cell in 2015.

Relationships in probably the one topic that is of interest to every single person in the world.

Logically, they begin to search for dates with other people.

That is what we call extra-marital relationships are always discreet, as most members do not want to ruin their families. Welcome to the new era of Internet, where you can find discreet date affair what you want, including a date.

So you know why you should strategy lady on the internet.

Millions of people, all over the phrase, are using the internet to find informal activities.