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26-Jan-2020 12:11

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Whether justified, it had long been perceived to be a fringe activity that attracted socially dysfunctional people who were uncomfortable with approaching others in person.

People are now realizing that’s not necessarily true, which has caused more people to flock to them.

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However, there are also discernible negative effects, chiefly our weakened ability to focus.

Studies have shown that we have an eight second attention span, partially due to the constant use of apps.

Most of this information is disclosed voluntarily by the user, often without direct monetary cost.

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Money Helps You Date Many dating sites and apps are offered for free, which makes many wonder how the ventures make billions of dollars annually.

For one, targeted ads or selling stakes to investors are immensely profitable.

It’s streamlined, too—you’ll only have to go through credit card processing once to utilize these services.

A great way to ensure you do not mess around with the service, and that you are really connected with people who have the same goals in mind: finding someone special to initiate a new love story!… continue reading »

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