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Though many episodes were originally broadcast on Family in Canada, Disney often advertised the episodes as being new episodes (though they were only first-run broadcasts in the United States).

Life with Derek has not aired on the Disney Channel since January 2, 2010, but reruns continued to air on Family, Family CHRGD until September 2016, and VRAK.

Played 4 Year Old Liam in "Earth: Final Conflict" in 1997. Ari Magder has: Played Dan Jones in "Shining Time Station" in 1989. Played Randy in "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" in 1993.

Played Sean Schultz in "Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story" in 1993.

Life with Derek is a Canadian television sitcom that aired on Family (English) and VRAK.

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(Come on, you know you still remember all the words.) There was also a slightly skeevy side to the fandom, however, with fans shipping step-siblings Derek and Casey as "Dasey." The leads seemed to get a kick out of this, since Derek himself shared this Instagram pic using the ship name as a hashtag.The cast of Scream - 2013 includes: Clarke Holloway as Frankie Karoline Holloway as Jamie Hartley Holloway as Molly Joey Luthman as Johnny Johnson Daniel Magder as Tony Miranda May as Sherry Jewel Restaneo as Heather Blaire Restaneo as Joanie Jonah Robinson as Bob The cast of A Deadly Encounter - 2004 includes: Catherine Colvey as Shirley Larry Day as Detective Bruder Alain Goulem as Stalker Cary Lawrence as Carol Laura Leighton as Joanne Sanders Anthony Lemke as Tony Brock Daniel Magder as Eric Sanders Frank Schorpion as Keith Kwasi Songui as Police Station Officer Maurizio Terrazzano as Rick Hargate France Viens as Cindy Daniel Magder has: Played Davey in "Real Kids, Real Adventures" in 1997.Played Brian in "Real Kids, Real Adventures" in 1997. Played Paul Ames in "Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within" in 1998. Played Daniel Porterson in "Vanished Without a Trace" in…"This season: Casey starts dating the captain of the football team and finds her “cool” status at schoolrise as a result; Derek meets the girl of his dreams; Edwin gets his first girlfriend; and Lizzie finally admitsto liking a boy.

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Casey and Derek celebrate their 16th birthdays – one more successfully than the other –and Edwin and Lizzie start up a successful part‐time business.

Played Dan Jones in "Shining Time Station: Second Chances" in 1994. Played Dan Jones in "Schemer Presents: The World According to Me" in 1994. The cast of Bookmice - 1991 includes: Nina Keogh as Norbert Trish Leeper as Zazi Erica Luttrell as Alysha Ari Magder as Jason Stefanie Samuels as Officer Martinez Andrew Sardella as Luke Karen Valleau as Leon The cast of One Special Night - 1999 includes: Julie Andrews as Catherine Stewart Bick as Jeff Frank Cavallero as TV Reporter Patricia Charbonneau as Lori James Garner as Robert Woodward Stacy Grant as Jaclyn Woodward Belinda Hum as New Hospice Nurse Kerrilyn Keith as O. Nurse Sheena Larkin as Marybeth Woodward Daniel Magder as Michael Gary Plaxton as Dr.