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29-Mar-2020 15:21

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It allows you to turn the home equity you’ve built up into cash that you can use for whatever you like.Most people use it to fund large purchases or pay off loans.However, if you borrowed in preceding years at higher rates, and have excellent credit, you may be able to qualify to refinance at a lower rate.

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Borrowers everywhere are seeking answers to determine the best way to tackle student loan repayment.

If you consolidate debt with your mortgage, rates right now are in the low to mid 5% range on a 30-year fixed loan. If you choose to get an adjustable rate mortgage, the initial rate will be lower than anything you can get in a fixed rate for a comparable term.

Although this will eventually go up or down with market movements, for a period at the beginning of the loan that’s typically five, seven or 10 years, you’ll have a low fixed rate.

In college, I suggested we do one budget story near the beginning of my tenure at the student newspaper, and from then on, I was assigned all things math and money.

As the finance guy, that meant every year I would go to the meeting where they decided what the next year’s tuition was going to be.

You can take advantage of that time to pay down the principal so you pay less in interest even if you don’t sell the home or refinance into a fixed rate at the end of the initial teaser period.

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