Christian singles speed dating event

08-Jul-2020 06:25

Sometimes singles say they're Christian but they don't practice what they preach.We would like to help you meet other Christians through our singles speed dating events at 25In the words of a British website named Christian Speed Dating (no longer online): We appreciate that it can be hard to met other like minded individuals, and that it is often important to Christians for a potential partner to hold similar beliefs to themselves.The Bible tells us that we should seek out a Christian partner, but when we have exhausted our own church where do you look next?And check out this article from the Christian Today website in the UK: The largest Christian speed dating event in Europe takes place later this month at the annual Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham….

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“A grand total of 1,800 conversations will take place in 90 minutes.

Surely there other great Christian singles out there for you!

Really all we need and want in this world is to share God's love that shines through us.

If you are interested in dating people with specific religious views, why not try a singles event which caters for this?

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We hold Christian singles events, Jewish singles events, Asian singles events and also single Muslim events.Following a short prayer, a whistle will blow and 125 conversations will begin simultaneously, none lasting more than three minutes.

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