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We were both looking forward to the event, but Kelly especially.That night she was the sexiest and most beautiful she had ever been in her life. Our class was huge, a byproduct of the baby boom, and graduated over... This trip had been a last-minute training opportunity imposed onto her by her boss.Even in the early morning half-light she could see the outline... Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4.94 | Words: 7,361 | Tags: lesbian arranged marriage straight sex oral love ff mf | 32 Comments An author of children's books writes scripts for porn videos. Jan was no raging beauty, but her face, with full lips and a sultry glint in her green... Ken glanced up from the football game to watch her. From index to pinky, over and over, as if the typing motion would will her thesis into existence. We were both busy, and had scarcely seen one another during the whole week. We are both professionals, whose profession is not just a job, but part of who we are.Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,149 | Tags: teasing first time | 1 Comment They continue in the doctor’s office. After you came down from your forced orgasm, and all the joyous things you felt, you looked at me with those dark eyes. I can't say that I have all of the answers to this but something unexpected happened that changed everything. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,315 | Tags: virginity landlady teaching sexualconfidence orgasms | 9 Comments Sarah can't pull herself away from her thesis paper. We are secure enough to realise this, although most people separate the ‘job’ from the ‘person’.Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders.

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I turned Lush on in the background not expecting anyone to be online. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4.75 | Words: 1,302 | Tags: fucking lust unexpected | 9 Comments Kelly anxiously looked forward to what turned out to be a night to remember. A couple of months prior Kelly and I had received, and RSVP’d to, an invitation to our twentieth high school class reunion.

Kelly had a fantasy of pitching a tent and screwing the day away, literally.

Lil holds American citizenship and his ethnicity is Lousiana Creole.… continue reading »

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Cons: People might think basing your future parter on dog preferences is weird Verdict: A silly app that seems unlikely to find you true love but might narrow down options.… continue reading »

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