Bryan greenberg dating olivia munn

24-Jan-2020 23:36

If you’re looking for more Olivia Munn, just Google search her name.

You Tube is full of clips of her doing things like riding a Hawaii Chair, seductively eating hotdogs and recovering from a baby oil slip.

She worked on TV drama In 2006, she moved on to the G4 network, and began hosting Attack of the Show! She spent four years hosting the show and left in December 2010.

In 2010, she appeared in the films Date Night and Iron Man 2 starring Robert Downey Jr. She then enacted in numerous films and TV series before casting into .

Olivia Munn, the foxy geek hostess from Attack of the Show (G4 TV) and Playboy Magazine (Feb 2007), is in a new viral You Tube video for Dell Computer called “IT Through The Decades.” The clip helps promotes Dell’s servers by poking fun at all the poor IT related decisions companies have made the past few decades (1978-2008).

Birth Name: Lisa Olivia Munn Nick Name: The Pie Queen, Munnder Woman, The Big O Born: July 3, 1980 Ethnicity: Multiracial Religion: Not religious Zodiac Sign: Cancer Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U. Residence: Los Angeles, California Nationality: American Education: She attended Putnam City north High School before going to the University of Oklahoma from which she graduated with a major in journalism.

From 2009-10, she dated Hollywood hunk, Chris Pine.She has a lavish lifestyle; she owes a lucrative house in Hollywood, California.