Boy meets world episode where corey and topanga start dating

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But after Cory pursues her into the co-ed bathroom (which he had previously been too terrified to enter), Angela confesses that she still has feelings for Shawn, pledging Cory to keep her secret between friends. Special guest star: Bonnie Bartlett as Dean Guest stars: Sara Downing as Camryn, Christopher Marley as Guy Absent: Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews, Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews, William Russ as Alan Matthews After Cory is introduced to art prodigy Alexandra Nechita, he develops an inferiority complex, and blames his lack of skills on his "average" father.

Meanwhile, Eric and Jack compete for Rachel's attention.

Meanwhile, Eric takes his store Santa Claus job a little too seriously when he convinces Rachel and Jack to help him "steal" his family's gifts, in order to make under-privileged children happy.

Guest stars: Dorien Wilson as Manager, Patrick Cranshaw as Custodian, JB Gaynor as Tommy, Jake Sakson as Edgar, Penny Bae Bridges as Lucy Note: This episode is titled "Santa's Little Helpers" and should not be confused with "Santa's Little Helper" from the first season.

During the drive home, he admits that she was right; they are not ready to be married, and they want their families to be there when they are ready.

When they arrive home, they find that everyone has thrown the "newlyweds" a celebration.

When Cory later strikes back – literally – on behalf of Topanga, Stuart tries to have him expelled from school, but is ultimately unsuccessful: Dean Bolander (who trusts Feeny’s judgments over his students) had Cory under a probationary period for starting a physical violence on campus and Stuart would be facing an investigation for his misconduct, endangering his teaching career.

Special guest stars: Fred Savage as Stuart, Bonnie Bartlett as Dean To prove he's still "one of the guys", despite being engaged, Cory goes to a bikini club with scantily-clad waitresses, where he loses his engagement ring, and desperately tries to keep Topanga from finding out.

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The season was produced by Michael Jacobs Productions and Touchstone Television with series creator Michael Jacobs as executive producer.Meanwhile, Eric, Jack, and Rachel try to cope with the stress of studying for exams.