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"There's a serious lack of interesting material for women late 20s/early 30s right now. I'm also looking for more material to produce to create more jobs for women in my industry and lend my voice," Lenz told If you can't tell by now, Bethany Joy Lenz is a passionate person.

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As it were, the pair are evidently pretty tight in real life.It's really been great." Judging by the fun photos Lenz shares of Maria on social media, it's safe to say this darling mother-daughter duo make the most of their time together.In 2014, news broke that not only would Bethany Joy Lenz be appearing in another series, but she would be headlining it!The one thing that made Nathan and Haley so great were that they were so believable, and every moment shared seemed incredibly real, which of course was thanks to great acting by James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz.

They made our hearts melt again and again, and to show our love for their love, we decided to bring together the 11 most romantic moments between Nathan and Haley on it is hard to remember the early episodes of season one where Nathan Scott was the villain character."It's not a waste of time, it's a moment of community to support and encourage each other." Lenz is also actively involved in fundraising for the Love146 organization, which fights to end child sex slavery and exploitation.