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Instead, it lies where the cutting edges of multiple fields meet.

Therefore, archaeological science at Yale, including the training of undergraduate and graduate students, is organized around - although not limited to - an overarching theme of pyrotechnology.

The classroom component of this course was complemented by GPR survery of local archaeological sites and the processing under Horsley’s supervision of the data recovered.

The GPR survey focused on the sub-surface mapping of the Inca remains beneath the patios and garden area of the Casa Concha, with an eye to excavating one or more of these zones in the future.

Baked clay (terracotta) eventually followed, as did ceramics, metal, faience, glass, and other substances on which civilization was built.

The faculty and students of Yale’s CAS conduct field- and laboratory-based studies on how increasingly sophisticated human control of fire, as evidenced in material culture and the archaeological record, became a critical stimulus to the emergence of complexity around the world.

In addition, thermally-induced magnetic signals recorded in artifacts and features form the basis for precise dating in Yale’s Archaeomagnetism Laboratory.

Pyrotechnology does not simply lie at the cutting edge of one field.Reporting time for fast handling is maximum 6 weeks but normally 3-4 weeks.