5 reasons why dating younger men is better

17-Aug-2020 23:57

I dated this older guy who still lived at home with his mom (what can I say, ladies, bad judgment on my part) but he had no respect for women because he never had to do anything by himself. I had to pay, he always walked in front of me, he didn’t care about my opinion…the list goes on.Younger guys have just recently moved out of their family home and are in that “Now what? Because of this (doing their own laundry, cooking for themselves, etc.) these guys are going to really appreciate their mom and therefore will appreciate you as an older, distinguished woman. You’re his partner, and he will treat you with respect in front of others. There’s no baby mama drama (remember that respect thing? He’s not picking a fight with you in public and shouting at you isn’t an option. He may help you discover parts you didn’t even know you had. Older men aren’t airing your dirty laundry on social media, telling all their buddies how good you are in bed, or treating you like an idiot in front of your friends. After years of practice, he knows his way around the female anatomy.An older man knows how to pleasure a woman because he’s experienced. Older guys are set in their ways and that same old routine is almost a guarantee. Whenever my ex boy-toy (yes, he was just a plaything) got drunk, he could last for hours! Not only is this great sex, but it’s also a huge ego boost.

I’ve always been attracted to older men, and now that I’m in my mid-30s, my man is in his 50s. Because some of us just prefer older men and for some damn good reasons. The older man looks at the conquest of a new relationship (or any new goal) as a long-term game, and he’s willing to wait and work for it. and whether a 401k is really necessary when the mountain bike is more fun — yeah, those don’t happen as much anymore. Generally speaking, younger men are much more active than older men and the proof is in their pecs. When I say I’m a writer to older men they ask me “Why, couldn’t you cut it in the real world?