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18-Feb-2020 13:41

One of the best ways to make money writing is by actively seeking websites and publications that pay writers.

You can then send your submissions to these websites.

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You’ll be paid per post and you’ll also be allowed to have a link to your website in your bio. Niche: e Commerce Amount per post: – 5 Payment Method: Unspecified Payment info confirmed on website: Yes e Commerce Insiders is looking to pay for exclusive, original content targeted at online retailers and the e Commerce industry.

Your articles can be educational, coming in form of tips or “how to” articles, or it can be a commentary on industry news or trends.

Most of the sites featured will pay you upon publication or acceptance of your article.

Here’s what a reader had to say after getting accepted to write for one of the sites on one of my lists: “Thanks to your list of 110 sites that pay writers, I just sold one of my blog posts (originally written for Wording Well) to Income Diary for 0 USD. 🙂” – Lorraine Reguly Two years ago, I compiled and published a list of 30 websites that pay people to contribute articles.

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